From the house to the garage
from the shop to the street.
from the worksites to industry facilities. 
Our epoxy products and
poly aspartic coatings have up to 20 year warrenty. 
Durable long lasting.
Easy to maintain and look beautiful.  If you can think it we can do it.  

  1. We understand family!
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  1. Excellent service.
    Extremely professional. Great personality.
  2. Experienced team.
    constantly learning and gaining education.
  3. licensed & Insured
    For the safety of customers & property.
  4. 100% Eco friendly
    Doing what we can to reduce chemical usage.
Surface extraction/ Restore. 
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​Meet the fam.

 we are a small family business with the hopes of growing into a practical contracting service.  no job to big or to small  My wife and I and our two little girls will take any project and thrive. 
we would like to thank the Columbia valley and the people for being so amazing and supporting our new coming business in the area.   we look forward to servicing columbia valley with the highest level of professionalism for many years to come.
Offering a wide range of services we hope to become a part of the community and grow with the area and meet all of your restoration needs!