The product we use at home, at work for work for everything!
This product is 100% enviromentally safe and truly a green product.
It's one of the best degreasers, disinfectant and odor neutralizers on the market.
There is not a stain, bacteria or smell that is cant conquer.

Grip it N Strip it is proud to sell a product that is not only extremly effective but also extremly safe.  Ultra one is a non-toxic, biodegradable and has no harsh chemicals making it the perfect choice for families, businesses and their employees. 

Other product may seem green and even use the word green or eco clean right in the lable but becareful these are only maketing ploys.  so watch for ingredients like  Alcohol ethoxylates witch are widely used in household, idustrial and detergent cleaners.   
Although the presence of (AE) may only be a small risk to a variety of possible contact scenerios like direct and indirect skin contact, inhalation through the use of spary cleaners and oral ingestion derived from residue doposited on dishes. 
The Aggerate consummers exposure says we can tolerate up to 6.48kg per day

With Ultra one there is 0% exposures to have to tolerate.there is no risk of chemical burns and there are no harmful fumes.  
              Safe enough to wash your hands - Strong enough to clean city streets.  

                                            Give us a call for more information.  

 like no other cleaner in the world!

small list of things to clean
windows, glass, chrome, appliances, flooring, leather, filters, jewerly.
​engines, BBQ, oil, grime and tough tough stains.

  1. After
    Unreal green degreasing power
  2. Before
    Really nasty engine grease spray
  3. After
    looks like new
  4. Before
    Its not always wear and tare!