Residential,  Commercial and Industrial.

​Entrances & Driveways

Build up from the elements can leave your front entrances, driveways, garage doors and siding looking old and worn.
we have industry leading products to clean and protect your investment

Kitchen's & Bathrooms

Clean, Sanitise, and restore.
This is where the heart is.  
your home.  your family. 
​your health.

lobbies & Poolside 

Bring back the luster and shine of your tile flooring.  
Ensure your customers only see the highest quality of clean. 

​Patios & Decks

our 3 step system removes built up dirt and debris from your deck and patio areas. we aslo offer repairs,  
restorations and slip prevention products. 

Dining area & Restrooms

This is the first image a customer sees in your restaurant or store. 
Not only will they see clean floors but they will see you value cleanliness.
They know they have come into a professional establishment. 

​Showers & Enclosures 

Busy life means its hard and sometimes overwhleming to keep up with the proper maintainence and care of your tile and grout. 
With our specialised cleaner and sealers we make it easy for you. 

What are customers have to say.

​Stephen Harris

​Frick and Frack Taphouse

floors look amazing.  20 yrs old and they look brand new. very happy with the new look. two thumbs up.  use me as a reference anytime. 

Jesse your a beauty you got us out of a bind and we cant beleive you pulled an all night shift to minimize our downtime.