Slip prevention & Saftey consulting. 
Residential, commercial and industrial.

Grip it N Strip it is a proud sales rep for zero slip solutions
​here to service the kamloops and the surrounding area.

What is Sure Step?
-Sure step is a long lasting chemical treatment witch creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs.
-From 200 to 400% increase of coefficient of friction when subjected to water.
-Will not change the apperance of the floor or bathtub
-NO shut down time required. 
use floor or tub immediatly following treatment 

There is no good place to slip!!
You have slip hazzards.  We have solutions!

 What Options do you have?

We offer saftey consultations and free estimates to anyone not sure of what products are available.  We have many slip prevention product for any application needed.  Commercial, residential and industrial.
Prevention is the best kind of safety available!